Key Members of our REALcept® Team

Tim Straus Tim Straus Marketing

Specialty: Food Innovation

History: Advertising / New Product Development for McDonald's, Tyson, Procter & Gamble. Co-editor of " An Integrated Approach to New Food Product Development."

"Success means multiple repeat purchases. Written new product concepts are just a start. Only a REALcept® provides the information needed to make that assessment."


Alan Turover

Alan Turover Food Technology

Specialty: Strategic & International Technology Management

History: VP Product Development - Kraft Foods; VP, Research & Development - Dole Foods; Nestle

"The role of technology is to blend great taste and stability into a profitable framework. Only a REALcept® will demonstrate a product's future strength in this area."


Tim Straus Bob Hendrickson C.E.C. Culinary

Specialty: Creative Cuisine

Training: Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY; Marriott's Management Training

"My job is to ensure the food looks great and is delicious. If the food does not taste good and look good, then it will fail. Only a REALcept® ensures concept delivery from day one."


Turover Straus Group develops new products for the food industry. Let our food concept, food
product development and food innovation team successfully create your strategy and new product concepts.

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