Our REALcept® Food Innovation System defines strategy, develops new product concepts with real food protocepts, and then tests multiple new product options
in-home or restaurant. All in twelve weeks!


Strategic Blueprinting
  • Targets the right consumer.
  • Isolates the strongest benefits.
  • Defines key product attributes & price points.
  • Outlines production assets.
  • Establishes precise development platforms for food product concepts.
New Product Concepting & Prototyping
  • Executes the strategy with multiple concepts, Shelf Evident® positioning and package prototypes.
  • Brings the concept alive with real food prototypes.
  • Delivers bench-top formulations, plant processing and/or back-of-house procedures.
  • Demonstrates strength of concept, positioning and internal viability.
Consumer Testing of New Product Concepts
  • TSG produces and tests multiple product prototypes in target homes or restaurants.
  • Garners valuable information on product performance & preparation.
  • Provides repeat purchase measures and future usage.
  • Optimizes concept, prototype and product positioning.
Multiple Optimized Concepts
  • Process concludes with proven concepts, proven prototypes & strong positioning based on actual product usage.
  • A truer understanding of key strengths and weaknesses.
  • Array of products optimized for continued development.
  • Allows you to move forward with consumer validated concepts & prototypes in only 12 weeks.


Turover Straus Group develops new products for the food industry. Let our food concept, food
product development and food innovation team successfully create your strategy and new product concepts.

REALcept® and Shelf Evident® are registered trademarks of The Turover Straus Group, Inc.