We have retired.

    In 1993, we founded a company where we would be “hands-on” with our clients in helping them to reach their food innovation goals.  We supplemented our technical and marketing disciplines with talented chefs and market researchers.

    From our first CPG contract with Hunt-Wesson in 1993 to our last foodservice project with The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, we have enjoyed working with all of our CPG, Foodservice, Restaurant, Ingredient and Association clients who put their confidence and trust in our capabilities.  And we treasure the many clients who also became personal friends over the course of the years.

    This past June (2016), we announced to our staff and our clients our intent to close and began the winding down process. And now, we are enjoying the fruits of our labor in retirement with all the good things it entails.

    To all, thank you.  You may contact us through our LinkedIn pages.

    Best wishes,

    Alan Turover

    Tim Straus


Thank you for 23 wonderful years !